November Adventures!

According to me, November is the Thursday evening of the year. To top it off, it’s cold too. And what do you usually do on cold, Thursday evenings? Run home to watch TV? Go out shopping? Maybe visit your girlfriend? Hang out with an old classmate? Maybe go out and get some pizza. Oh no, you’re on a diet? Maybe make today your cheat day then.
Whatever it may be, it’s great time to go out and feel the evening breeze in your hair. It may be cold, but that just makes it better. It’s been a while since Bangalore’s got the chills. Go out and enjoy it before the scorching heat returns to tan your precious skin. Not to mention it’s the holiday season and the lights and decorations are a delight to behold.
And allow me to tell you how Rapido can be of help in your, let’s call it, November adventures. How’re you going to relish the weather and see the decorations the best way possible? How are going to reach your TV sooner? Given the broken roads and the rains, it will take you lesser time to learn how to cook and make dinner yourself. Instead, look into the Rapido app and find the bike nearest to you. Hop on and begin your adventures. It’s cost effective as well as time effective.
But maybe your situation is the other way round. Are you running a little short of cash? Want to buy those cool new Nike shoes? Maybe get your girlfriend some chocolates for your anniversary? Or you just need some extra to save.
Well, Rapido has a solution for that too.
Do you have a two wheeler and some time on your hands? You could then offer your services to Rapido and earn some money by offering to pose as one of their riders and ferry people around for as long as you can and earn that money that you want. You can help some people get home sooner and you can get home some cool cash.
So there you go. It’s the holiday season and you should have all the fun you can. Decide upon how you want your November adventures to turn out. And whatever you do, have fun and be safe with Rapido.