Plans For Delhi-like Odd Even Formula In Bangalore Afoot

The pollution, the number of vehicles, and the commute plague Bangalore motorists. This has led to an idea to emulate the Odd-Even formula a la the national capital. Will it work?

The Odd-Even formula is making news in Delhi. If you don’t know what the Odd-Even formula is, we recommend you step out of your cave, take a walk, and read the news. It is recommended that you ditch the leaves and put on some pants during all or at least some of the aforementioned activity (especially the walk).

Like a Salman-SRK fanboy clash, the Odd-Even formula has met with mixed responses. Those in favour
say that the drop in polluted air is like a challenge to them. Pradushit Vaayu, a Delhi-based techie says, “When pollution reduces, we need to step up and pollute again. We like challenges like that!”

The move has led to a number of commuters sharing transport and using public transport reportedly creating lasting friendships. One commuter claimed to have “broken-up” with his previous best friend and found a “new” one during a shared commute. Among the naysayers was Sadev Vilambit, a business
development professional. “I am always late and could blame the traffic earlier. Now I can’t,” he said.
Betark Vichaar, a businessman said, “Stupid idea. You know how many meetings I have had to cancel?
This is damaging the economy.” When asked why he didn’t opt for public transport, or shared commute,
true to his name, he replied, “What? Travel with strangers? I am shy!”

As for Bangalore, its affair with traffic has been in the news more than Bajirao and Mastani, Romeo and Juliet, and Prime Minister Modi and his Passport. The government has established a body to emulate Delhi’s implementation of the Odd-Even formula. Called BOEGUS (Bangalore Odd Even Governing Unit Service), its officials are in the national capital for a paid vacation. Every once in a while though, they are supposed to chart out a plan to implement the Odd-Even formula in Bangalore shortly. Of course, if the Metro is any indication, the word “shortly” has rather ambiguous interpretations in Bangalore. Once the holiday… err… analysis is over, BOEGUS could aim to implement the Odd-Even formula in Bangalore as early as February 1, 2016.

What do motorists think of the idea? “It’s impossible! I have 3 cars and 2 bikes, and all are odd numbered. How do you expect me to stay indoors on even days?” asked Dhani O Svaarthee, an industrialist living in Bangalore. Seemingly irate, Lovely N Fair, a model said, “I get so much time to do my makeup in traffic. It’s sad that now I have to get up in time for a shoot or show.” We asked Aur Zyaada, an auto driver about the formula, but he only said, “metre mele twenty” and drove off.

NOTE : This is a satirical article. All facts, stats, organizations, people, and galaxies referred to and stated are unreal. While the sole purpose of the article is humour, it is also an attempt to draw your attention to the benefits of shared commute and public transport. If caring for your city and shared transport is something you aren’t averse to, we welcome you to try Rapido. We’re a network of motorbike riders with an extra seat to share, or a person interested in riding pillion with someone. Make money, make friends, and help reduce the city’s traffic. Try Rapido – we’re on Android.