Champions wear bruises with pride !!

Once upon a time, there was a lion who ruled the whole big dense jungle. The lion was not only the king of the jungle but was also the most proficient hunter, and had immense strength to defeat any hunt that his eye caught upon. His prey was a feast for all the ferreters of the woods . As time passed he grew victorious as his efficiency just multiplied in terms of his grab to leave no stone unturned and so was rightly called the ‘victor’ of the jungle.

But some decades later there came a time when the victor lost few of his fights.The disappointment he faced from within was lesser a pain than the anticlimax, the people of the jungle made him feel.So distressed he was, that he chose not to fight further but decided to leave the jungle for a world where his approbation may be real, and everlasting one.

The star footballer of Argentina, the endorser of the real game, Lionel Messi announced his retirement from international football after a heartbreaking defeat of the country against Chile in Copa America final. He has been the highest goal scorer ever for Argentina and has represented his country in seven major tournaments.He is a player of FC Barcelona club and has the highest goalscorer as well as chief playmaker for the club and has made the club make its mark in Europe.

The recent defeat of Argentina against Chile was not the first and only to be mentioned rather it was the third time in three successive years that Messi and Argentina failed to grab a major trophy, losing to Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup followed by Chile in the Copa America final last year. But this defeat became more poignant for the nation with the announcement of the retirement of their player having the golden shoe.

The reason which one might attach to his withdrawal may be either the inability of his team to lift the squad in the final game as he fulfilled all the tactical roles in the team to make the team win be it of a winger, a forward or a midfield playmaker, or, it simply it may be his frustration to not match the international level of Maradona or Pele to whom he is generally equated to.

Though the whole world prays for the king of football to return, the surprise of his retirement was a shock for his fans and the whole nation. But who actually knows the reason, why the victor just left the jungle.The world seems to console him the man that in spite of his defeat he still is a star for them and shall ever remain.The team is in another setback as it is the team known by his name and not him by the name of the team.

When a steller as Messi retires, it is a consternation but what is actually important to be remembered is, “Losers quit when they are tired, winners quit when they have won”. His contribution to the game, to the country and to his fans has been phenomenal. He is a man of character as he has always been true to his game and his real success is not in his capabilities but his character. The title he already clings to is nonetheless the best and he being a worshipper of his game has ever since tried to delectate the awaiters with all his sweat and has brought titles of pride to his nation. Now it is time for us to cool down our heels and let him stay the heartthrob he has always been.There might soon be a day when this gem showcases his unexampled brilliance again.