Ride for a reason : Help the Heroes

India is the seventh largest country by area, the second most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. 2.1% population in India is suffering from one or the other kind of disability out of which 57% are males and 43% are females. The disability rate (number of disabled per 100,000 populations) for the country as whole works out to be 2130. This is 2,369 in the case of males and 1,874 in the case of females.

About 69 persons per 100,000 were either born disabled or become disabled for some reasons in India during the last 365 days. The incidence rate was also observed to be higher among males than that among females. Out of which 55 % of the disabled in India were illiterate and about 9 % completed ‘secondary and above’ level of education. The current enrollment ratio per 1000 disabled persons of age 5-18 years in the ordinary school was higher in the rural than in the urban 475 and 444, respectively for the two sectors. -Source

India’s future relies on well-educated and skilled workforce. Improvement in education should be the main area of investment.’SAMARTHANAM - TRUST FOR DISABLED’ is a society free of discrimination against the disabled, where people with disabilities, especially the visually impaired, enjoy equal opportunities and enhanced quality of life. The Mission of this foundation is to empower visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged people through developmental initiatives focusing on educational, social, economic, cultural and technological aspects.

Rapido is happy to take a small step towards empowering these children; by fulfilling some of the requirements to nurture their careers. In line with this, we have launched an initiative called “Ride for a reason” for these ambitious children. We invite you to participate and help these kids.

For every ride you take with Rapido till Aug13; Use Coupon Code:“FREEDOM” and donate a small amount of Rs.10 to ‘SAMARTHANAM FOUNDATION’. Whatever the amount will be collected we will double that amount & donate for this cause.

Express your love and ride as much as you can till August 13, 2016 because “Every Child deserves Education”