5 lessons to learn from M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

1. Find your Passion:

When you follow your passion, no one can stop you. But before following your passion, you need to find it. Your passion is something which wakes you up in the morning! Discover what you want to do in life. If you find what you are truly passionate about, then finding your career will not be too far away. MS Dhoni in his childhood loves playing Football instead of Cricket, but later on, he finds his passion for cricket. He turns his passion into a profession!

2. Learn lessons from failure:

Always learn from your mistakes. If you consider your failure as an opportunity to learn it will change your whole perspective. If you have seen the movie then you must remember the scene when Bihar U-19 team was lost by Punjab in finals. Bihar’s total score was 357 & dhoni’s contribution is 84. On the other side, Yuvraj Singh’s individual score was 358. At that time Yuvraj was selected for U-19 WorldCup and dhoni was not! To made this moment memorable Dhoni purchased sweets for his friends which made him realise that he had to improve his game to make into Indian Team.

3. Dream Big Start Small:

Dhoni was raised in a middle-class family where his father worked for MECKON in a junior management position. His family dreams for a stable government job for his son. However, Dhoni had a bigger picture in his mind. He took the job of a Ticket Collector at Kharagpur Railway Station. Apart from his job he continues playing cricket with other sports such as tennis and badminton. He knew that if he improves his game with his job he can make into Indian Cricket Team.

4. Don’t Miss the Train:

Don’t be afraid to take risks in life. The famous dialogue of Rocket Singh movie itself tells you about the importance of risk " Risk to Spider-Man ko bhi lena padta hain, Main to phir bhi Sales-Man hoon". Everyone loves to being in his comfort zone but risk can make your life worth living. If you take the risk, it means you’re going for something not everyone is going for. You may even dream of something that everybody wants, but you’re the only one willing to fight for it. When the job is affecting Dhoni’s game he took a big risk by quitting his job. He quits the job ,catches the train and returns back to home to focus on his game! And I assume you are pretty much aware of what happened next :)

5. Believe in yourself and finish off in style:

To live a life of high achievement, you must fully believe in yourself and your ability. Believing in yourself is not just important, it’s necessary. If you don't think you can do it then why should someone else? You attract what you think. If you don't think you're worth it then your life shows you events that proves it. If you think you can, then life again shows you events that proves it.

Everyone knows dhoni as a great match finisher. He believes in staying on the crease till the last over. Whatever the result is he always takes the responsibility, because he knows if we need to hit 20 runs in 6 balls he can do it. We have seen it live during ICC WORLDCUP 2011. Dhoni promotes himself up in the order and at the end, he finishes it off in his own style with a Six!