Life of a Rapido Rider

In our daily lives, saving money along with the time seems like an ideal proposition. If you have to earn more money you have to let go of some precious time and vice-versa. But at Rapido, we came across a story, where a young man, Ram Krishna Reddy after associating with Rapido, saved more money along with time.

29-year-old Ram belongs to Andhra Pradesh and is living in Bengaluru from past 9 years. Academically, he upholds strong degrees; he is a Post Graduate. Soon, after completing his education, his family decided that it’s time for him to get settled. He thereby got married and within years, got endowed with a beautiful daughter. The size of the family and necessities was expanding so, had to be the Income.
The money he was earning was enough for survival but he had to support his family in all possible ways. Currently, he is riding his own TVS bike and he loves riding. As a travel aficionado, his dream is to travel every state of India just by road on his own bike that too just within 130 days and break all other records. Sometimes when his bike was parked in the garage for repairing he travelled with Rapido whenever he wants to go to the office and came back from office to home. He always had a quick chat with rapido riders about how they got associated with rapido and what income they are getting in helping customers to drop them to their destination.
He finally chose to get associated with Rapido as a Rapido rider.

He came to Rapido’s office and joined as a rider about 5 months ago. Earlier he was a customer for Rapido and now he is a Rapido Rider. Within a very short span of time, he realised the stability in his work. He is now earning around 25,000 per month with Rapido.

Rapido helped him in earning extra money which in turn left him and his family with an everlasting smile. Rapido is in a continuous process to provide Bike riders with an additional source of income. Living a dignified life with ample money to support not just your family but also theirs and our desires is something which should happen to everyone and Rapido is doing its bit to ensure that happens.