Your Rapido Rider is Now Rapido Captain!

We are very much excited to launch our new name of our Rapido Partner to Rapido Captain. We have also changed the logo of our rider partners, new logo resembles a memorable identity of our riders.

Now breeze through the traffic with your Rapido Captain!

Why we Rebrand our Rider App?

The reason behind doing so is to change the customer perception about the riders. Rapido differs from a typical bike taxi platform and is more of a pooling platform, meaning the riders don’t necessarily work full-time as Rapido riders only. Your typical Rapido riders could be Sales/Marketing executives, BPO employees, students - basically anyone looking to earn a few extra bucks and who loves to ride a bike.

What is the reason behind the name “Rapido Captain”?

Rapido Captain defines a simple ideology that the riders also command a fair amount of respect in our society. It encourages the notion that both Rapido customers and riders are part of one big community and are equally important stakeholders to Rapido.

It also means that as a customer you can trust any Rapido Captain implicitly and just forget about everything as the Rapido Captain will take care of everything to ensure a smooth hassle-free ride. You don’t need to give directions or think about the conditions. You just plug your earphones, sit back and relax. Like you would trust a ship’s captain.

Bike riding is fun and earning money while sharing your ride is a great way to cut your costs. We encourage people from every walk of life to offer bike rides to other people through Rapido. To become a Rapido Captain kindly mail us at, we’ll get in touch with you!

Team Rapido