How to use Rapido POOL

How to Use Rapido Pool

  1. Download the App here:

  2. Upload all mandatory documents

  3. Once you upload all the documents, your account will be activated

  4. Once you're active, open app,sign In and set your destination where you are heading

  5. You will get pings on app once you're online, click on accept to confirm request

  6. Once you reach to the co passenger location, Swipe reached then to start the ride swipe begin ride

  7. Once you reach the co-passenger's destination, click dropped on your app

  8. You'll see the earning of your rides and it will be transferred to you within 24 hours if the payment is wallet.

  9. NOTE: You will receive both cash and wallet rides, Please keep some cash before leaving home

If you have any queries please write us at, we'll be happy to help