Haunted places in Gurgaon

  1. Saffron B.P.O Gurgaon

This is one of the most shocking untold stories from a BPO in Gurgaon called Saffron. Saffron was built on top of a graveyard and most employees claimed to have seen or had absurd experiences. So this is what happened :
The company had an employee named Rose.One day towards end of shift, she received an inbound call. The call went on for some time, in fact abnormally longer time. This call went around for 45 Minutes. Eventually they decided to barge her calls to make sure she didn't need any support. They were shocked to find that she was talking with no one on the other end and it seemed like she was on a intense call. When the call got over she seemed different as if it was a call from a magician who cast a spell. After a strangely long phone call, she went on extended leave, which was strange in itself. Her colleagues asked her landlord about her but were told that no such girl lived there. After an extensive search, they traced her family, who claimed that Rose had died more than 8 years ago. Her friends and colleagues were left traumatized and brain damaged, and the Case was buried in the grave of Saffron, unsolved.
Rose remained a mystery.

2.Sector 9

There is a peepal tree in between of the road and that is
where apparition is said to live.Many call center employees returning late at night have had the traumatic experience of this apparition running in the same speed as the vehicle or the cab and then disappearing. It is also said that the old woman slaps people sitting inside the car invisibly. Many people have complained that a similar situation also happens in Ashok Vihar flyover. The spirit also misleads the people travelling in that location.

3.MG Road

The road situated between Gurgaon and Mehrauli is filled with many horror cases and hence it is one of the most haunted places in Gurgaon. Many people have encountered ghost (a lady draped in white saree) while travelling across this road. It is said that a woman was killed 4 years ago in an accident. Since then the road has been haunted by this evil spirit. Come night time, she runs alongside people's cars and apparently has bulging eyes and a tongue the length of your forearm.

4.Sector 7

The ground floor of this apartment is said to have some ghostly presence that turns on the light and showers of different rooms. They make different types of scary sounds and the experience of people staying in this flat is way more scarier.
People who don’t leave the apartment even after knowing the existence of some evil, feel hallucination, constant gossip with some invisible identity and so on. Washroom section is doubted to be the most possessed section. Locals believe it's because of the soul of a man who was brutally murdered in the bathroom.

5.Cyber City

Evidently, there is a school near Cyber City which found no takers for security guards as they would be traumatized by the morning due to wailing and screeching sounds of children throughout the night. There are reports that the school was built on the site of a children's graveyard. They apparently had a big old puja to settle things down, though it might just be a temporary lull.