Life of a Captain | Jeethesh Kadam

“I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength” says one of our captain, Jeethesh Kadam.

Jeethesh from Bangalore tells us his journey at and before Rapido. Jeethesh is 30 years old and currently, works in Rapido as a captain. Jeethesh is very passionate about bikes and his knowledge about bikes beats all. He loves riding and he feels Bangalore's weather is the most supportive when it comes to riding.

He is one of those captains who does not take any specific route while travelling. He just rides for his own happiness and pleasure. He also loves to see and discover different places every day.

He used to work as a clerk before coming to Rapido where he was paid 10000 per month. The thing which pinched him to leave his job was not money but job satisfaction. But when he heard about rapido his happiness had no bounds because finally, he found a job which he was happy with and now Jeethesh earns 20-25k per month and is very contented and happy in his life.

We are proud to have him on board. Rapido is in a continuous process to provide Bike riders with an additional source of income. Living a dignified life with ample money to support not just your family but also theirs and our desires is something which should happen to everyone and Rapido is doing its bit to ensure that happens.