Life of a Captain | Ravindra Kumar

Some people want a big house, a fast car and lots of money, on the other hand, some people want a tiny cabin in the woods and stay away from all the chaos of the world. In today’s generation, earning money while following your passion is a very tough job. You need to sacrifice your sleep and work day-night to get paid. Here at Rapido a captain, Ravindra Kumar tells us how Rapido made his life simpler and easier.

29 year old, Ravindra Kumar came to Bangalore in search of a job. He is originally from Assam and currently stays in a P.G with his friends. Academically, he has graduated from PUC and has had a very difficult time trying to survive in Bangalore. He tells us that since his qualifications are not sufficient he had a very tough time searching for a job. He joined many part-time jobs such as working as a cashier in grocery shop etc. but none of them gave him an income which would provide him with a stable life in Bangalore. The money he was earning was not enough for him to balance his cost of living in Bangalore.

Currently he owns a pulsar 150CC and his passion is Riding. One day, his friends told him about Rapido Captain and being a motorcycle enthusiast he eagerly came to Rapido office the next day to know more about it. After deriving full knowledge about Rapido he happily agreed to join rapido as a captain. He finally got a Job which helps him follow his passion. Within a very short span of time, he realised the stability in his work. He is now earning around 25,000 per month with Rapido.

He now feels secure about his job and Rapido also helped him earn that extra money which provided him stability and job satisfaction. Rapido is in a continuous process to provide Bike riders with an additional source of income. We are proud to have him on Board.