We Are Proud To Have A Captain Cum Entrepreneur On Board

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, Don’t stop working on it” says our captain, Mahibul M! Mahibul is initially from Kolkata, Bengal and came to Bangalore to complete his higher studies. Unfortunately, destiny had something else planned for him.

Mahibul came to Bangalore in 2007 in order to get a degree. But his financial condition refrained him to join any college in Bangalore. The fee structure of each college was way more than what he had expected. Disheartened, he returned back to his hometown but Mahibul never lost hope in himself. In 2010 he came back to Bangalore again and this time with more determination and strength. He tells us that the job opportunities and the weather in Bangalore was one of those aspects which made him choose to bangalore over any other city.

Mahibul completed his bachelor’s degree from DEI college, Bangalore. But as he started living here he realised that his cost of living was increasing and that he had to start working somewhere in order to manage his survival in Bangalore. Mahibul started working in a BPO with a very minimal level of income.

After some time he came to know about Rapido from his friends and while giving service to his customers. He started taking advice from them. He shared his idea with them. The idea about his startup and ways in which he can improve his idea. After 6 months of planning and execution, he finally launched his E-commerce business. His website “ Payzep” is running quite successfully now. His struggles and hard work have made him what he is now.

We congratulate him on his success and we are proud to have him on board.