Bangalore Gets its Solution to Traffic Woes

For a city like Bangalore, which has been dealing with its traffic problem for years, it is high time we have better alternatives for the daily transport system.

Introducing Rapido Bike taxi – which offers you a faster, economical and safe two-wheeler taxi to make your daily commute convenient and comfortable.

We have noted that people save as much as 60% of their ride cost with a two-wheeler as compared to a four-wheeler. Also, two-wheelers are easier to zip through the traffic and hence quite time-saving as well. This is what Rapido is set out to do with its cutting-edge technology.

It is a platform where solo commuters can book a bike ride through a mobile app to and from the destination of their choice. It also provides an opportunity for people with a two-wheeler (with a valid driving license) to become a rider on the platform and earn some extra money in their spare time.

Getting all of this with just a couple of taps on the phone is sure to change the way people commute intra-city in the most efficient and economical way.

So, would you still waste your time getting stuck in the traffic or will you pick the smarter way? Download the app now.