Bangalore's traffic problems are going to be solved PERMANENTLY

Bangalore’s traffic problems are no longer a secret and it has also started affecting the lives of international billionaires. Last week, Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX, Tesla and Solarcity, was in Bangalore and couldn’t attend an event because of the traffic. That’s when he decided he’ll bring his flagship high-speed transportation system - Hyperloop to Bangalore. He tweeted, “Bangalore has the worst traffic in the world. But where others see problems, I see opportunities.”

Musk, 45, was slated to attend a felicitation ceremony organized by Forbes India for him and meet top entrepreneurs of Bangalore but he could never reach on time. A source confirmed that he was meeting a friend in Whitefield and the event was in MG Road. Musk had thought it should probably take him an hour but he was profoundly wrong and he reached 3 hours late. By then the event was over and he felt really bad.

Determined to do something about the ailing traffic situation, he called his friend Bibop Gresta, Chairman of Hyperloop and suggested him to launch in Bangalore. Bibop, who was also in India a few weeks ago to meet PM Modi, was initially baffled by the idea. They had envisioned Hyperloop as more like an intercity transportation and Musk was asking for an intracity solution.

But Musk made him understand that Bangalore is a group of cities in itself and it’d make perfect sense to launch here, Bibop got excited. He said in a press conference, “I was in India to meet PM Modi to seek permission to build Hyperloop between Mumbai and Delhi. That way you could reach Delhi from Mumbai in less than 90 minutes. But I realized getting to MG Road from Whitefield in 10 minutes instead of half a day is more important. This is a problem faced by Millions of people everyday and it needs a solution.”

A confidential source confirmed that Musk and Gresta have called for a high-level meeting of Karnataka Government officials including Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Home Minister Dr. Parameshwara, Minister of Urban Development Roshan Baig and PWD Minister Dr. Mahadevappa to discuss and chart out an action plan. Satellite imagery will be used along with public surveys to identify and build an initial list of 10 places to begin with. Reportedly, Musk only needs 100 days to make this a reality.

In case you’re already excited and feel relieved of the traffic woes, kindly check today’s date.