4 lessons entrepreneurs can take from Sachin

Sachin is a God to many and an inspiration to millions who are still struggling to reach the zenith of success in their individual lives. He’s a living example to show it’s never too late to be successful. Sachin Tendulkar is worshipped not just by Indians, but by people all across the globe. With his virtues of undying patience, endless optimism and unfathomable hard work, he has proved that success is never something that is impossible but with true grit, hard work and a clear vision towards the goal, it’s just an arm’s reach away.

Sachin’s life both in sport and real life is an inspiration and a lesson for many. Even entrepreneurs can learn important lessons to nurture their start-up. So here are a few remarkable qualities that we can learn from the Master-Blaster.

1. Patience

Greatness doesn’t come easy neither does it come quick. Ironically, the man who has 100 hundreds, the God of cricket himself, waited for 78 matches to score his maiden hundred. Beginning his career at the age of 16, it took the master blaster 78 matches to score his maiden hundred – the first of many that mesmerised the cricket fraternity. That too it was a special one, scoring a mammoth 110 against the might Australians to steer India to a 31 – run victory. This only shows how one should strive for excellence. Likewise, in the current start-up frenzy gripping the nation, Entrepreneurs must strive to achieve excellence and not give up on their vision just because it took them long to reap the first fruit. The inherent belief in their vision should drive them to achieve excellence.

2. Inspire even during tough times

It was unfortunate that the Master Blaster’s best form coincided with one of the toughest times for the Indian Cricket team. The years through 1993 to 2001 was one of the toughest time for the Indian Cricket team. With a mediocre bowling attack coupled with a fallible batting order, Sachin stood strong that he was the only hope for the entire team. But never did he complain, he braved through this hard time in spite of good performances he put forth. But he remained a motivating factor for the entire team. As they say, there’s light at the end of every tunnel, for Sachin too it came true when the Indian team put up a spectacular performance to give the master blaster, the trophy he deserved – The world cup in 2011. Entrepreneurs could learn how to not lose their grit in tough times despite their effort to make it big. Motivation goes a long way and that coming from the person at the helm surely goes miles.

3. Initial hiccups shouldn’t cost you your dreams

“It ain’t about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward and that’s how winning is done.” – Rocky Balboa.

Everyone who has achieved greatness has been hit with failures right in their face. A similar thing happened to Sachin, he was literally hit in the face in his test debut at the age of 16. It must have been a traumatic experience for a 16-year-old who has just made his way onto the test team of the nation and welcomed with a short pitched ball right onto the face. But he accepted it and kept moving forward and became the man he is today. Entrepreneurs today are in the same position as Sachin who made his test debut. Coming out of college with dreams to make it big in the start-up community is a dream come true for them. but with existing giants already in the fray, the initial struggles will be high but it is up to them to look at it like an obstacle and not the end of their journey.

4. Lucky Charms

Many know despite the skill he inherited, Sachin believed in luck. His practice of wearing his left pad first and then the right is one which gives him a good feeling to go ahead with his performance. Also, he has a lucky bat that he always uses during special innings. Luck doth exist many would say, but in entrepreneurship, we don’t rely on luck, never should too. But a clear vision of the goal in mind will make you feel good and give you that confidence that will help you pull through even during the difficult of situations. The conviction that their goal will be achieved is one thing that entrepreneurs should hold onto as their lucky charm.

These are just a few traits that we picked up from the Master Blaster. There are quite many more qualities that we can learn from GOD himself. He has inspired a nation despite the pressures he was put under - that defines him as a person, who we can always look upto for inspiration. A living legend.