How Indians react to offer and discounts!

Indians and Discounts!

We Indians are a dedicated lot. We work Hard for our Gandhi's and we want the best value's out of them. We are the "Work Hard, Save harder" types. A nation hell bent on saving, we value money like no other and that is one reason we're hardwired to get our products on the "best prices".

We were brought up that way!

Remember Boost and other energy drinks we brought for the sole reason to get those freebies. Old habits die hard. Even today we are still the same kid who wanted a particular drink just to get the frisbee or the racquet or the other freebies they gave. There were days we got a free tattoo for the Re.1 bubblegum that we got and the fight with the shopkeeper to give our privileged freebies. Beat that!

When we hear about offers!

Apart from our long-standing love for freebies, we are suckers for discounts and bargains. A shop with any two digits no. and the word 'sale' tagged along will have our undivided attention and spark in us the Indian instinct to buy it despite its relevance.

Milgaya best price me!

I at least got it for a good price you could always say! - which by the way is a proud thing in our country.

This is the scene that is prevalent even today. With great competition comes great compromises one could say in the light of the app-based economy in India. With booming startups and the need to acquire the precious customer base. App based firms are rolling out huge discounts and offers to acquire and make customers stay. With these offers and discounts, our lives are not just easier but all the more satisfactory.