Introducing new service to Rapido's Portfolio - Rapido Lite

Dear Patrons,

Thanks for your continued support and love for Rapido. Based on the feedback from many of you, we have added a new service to the Rapido portfolio - ‘Rapido Lite’. Rapido Lite will have high mileage bikes wherein a captain can save more money on his rides because of higher fuel efficiency. So we’ll pass on some savings to the customers as well and hence offer a little cheaper service. We also believe it is a consequential step towards achieving our vision, i.e, fastest way of intra-city commute along with affordable pricing to everyone. Rapido Lite will be live from June 19th, 2017.

As a gift to all of you, we will run the service at just Rs. 2/- per km for the period of two weeks starting from June 19th, 2017. However, the detailed pricing of Rapido Lite is mentioned below.

Rapido Lite Pricing

Base Fare - Rs. 10/-
Trip Time - Rs. 0.5/min
Per km Fare - Rs. 4/-

How to choose Rapido Lite?

Once you fire our app, you will see the icon of Rapido Lite & Rapido Link. By default your ride type will be set to Rapido Link. To choose Rapido Lite service you have to select the other service icon. After you enter your destination, select the ‘SET PICK UP’ & you’ll be redirected to Request Rapido page where you can check the Estimate fares of your ride. By clicking request Rapido you can book your ride and our captain will be there within minutes :)

If you have any queries related to our new service Rapido Lite, please don’t hesitate to mail us at, we will be happy to help!

NOTE - The new service will be available in Bengaluru and for Android App users only!

Team Rapido