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Life of a Rapido Rider

In our daily lives, saving money along with the time seems like an ideal proposition. If you have to earn more money you have to let go of some precious time and vice-versa. But at Rapido, we came across a story, where a young man, Ram Krishna Reddy after associating…

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Best of 2016 | World

2016 came as a lot of surprises for us! From Donald Trump’s presidency to Leonardo Dicaprio's Oscar, we’ve seen a lot of things this year. Below are the top 8 best things that happened in 2016 which probably I bet you didn’t know! 1.Ozone Layer is…

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5 Interesting facts about Gurugram!

1. MG road in Gurugram is Not Mahatma Gandhi Road Yes, you heard it right. MG Road is not Mahatma Gandhi Road here in Gurugram. Every Indian Metro city has an MG road which is named after Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi but in Gurugram it's actually the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road.…

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Celebrate this Christmas with Rapido!

"Happiness is sharing joy with others this Christmas" Hi There, We are happy to invite you, to share the joy with the kids/old age on the 24th December. Here's your chance to be a secret Santa to another person. We have partnered with below NGOs for the donation drive:…

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6 Interesting facts about Namma Bengaluru!

Bengaluru is regarded as the IT Capital of the country but do you know it is also one of the most popular historical and happening cities in India. Apart from its pleasant climate the IT Capital has a bunch of interesting and mind-blowing facts. As an inhabitant of the city…

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