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How to use Rapido POOL

How to Use Rapido Pool Download the App here: Upload all mandatory documents Once you upload all the documents, your account will be activated Once you're active, open app,sign In and set your destination where you are heading You will get pings on app…

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Lesser Fuel | Lesser Vehicles on Road | Lesser Pollution - Rapido Bike Pool

Rapido is a pioneer in bike taxi industry and On Demand Bike Pool is yet another initiative to reach out to more consumer needs. Bike Pooling essentially helps people travelling through the same route to share their ride. Rapido Bike Pooling is focused on helping people across India to share…

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Your Rapido Rider is Now Rapido Captain!

We are very much excited to launch our new name of our Rapido Partner to Rapido Captain. We have also changed the logo of our rider partners, new logo resembles a memorable identity of our riders. Now breeze through the traffic with your Rapido Captain! Why we Rebrand our Rider…

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Life of a Rapido Rider

In our daily lives, saving money along with the time seems like an ideal proposition. If you have to earn more money you have to let go of some precious time and vice-versa. But at Rapido, we came across a story, where a young man, Ram Krishna Reddy after associating…

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Best of 2016 | World

2016 came as a lot of surprises for us! From Donald Trump’s presidency to Leonardo Dicaprio's Oscar, we’ve seen a lot of things this year. Below are the top 8 best things that happened in 2016 which probably I bet you didn’t know! 1.Ozone Layer is…

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