Control is a funny phenomenon. You don’t realize how little of it you have over things until it’s too late. And you’ll be baffled by the number of times per day when you wished you had more control over things.

No matter if you drive a car or travel by public transport or take a cab or auto, Bangalore’s insane traffic is more than enough to make you go crazy. You could be a millionaire working in one of the top MNCs or you could be a simple man who struggles every day to make ends meet, you really can’t control traffic, can you?

You have an important 10:00 AM with a client but you’re stuck in traffic. Heck, one of your friends has met with an accident and you need to reach asap……
You have your GMAT appointment and have to reach the test venue on time but can’t. You can make all sorts of preparations to make your girl’s birthday special but what if you don’t reach on time.

That helplessness: Does it sound familiar?

It’s raining and you have to go somewhere. What do you do? You try and book a cab but see a 4X surge. At this point, you’re probably more frustrated than anything else. Then you try getting a nearby auto but the autowallah demands Rs. 150 for a 4-Km distance. You try another. He asks Rs. 200 and then you see 5 autos in a line and not one of them will take you by the meter. Now, that’s helplessness! You know that the least expensive option is also at least thrice more expensive than what it should be. But you still have to go, right? So you end up relenting.

You want to spend the weekend in Coorg amidst the surreal weather and the quaint surroundings. But none of your friends is free. You’re so excited about the trip and you so want to relax that you probably even contemplate going alone but do you? Mostly you don’t. Helplessness.

In most of these helpless situations, you’d only wished that you had more control but you don’t. In most of these situations, you do that one thing which never want to do. You cave in. You relent. You accept the reality and try to make your peace with it; try being the operative word here.

Now we’re not saying we will help you solve all these problems, we’re no Hulk! :) But yes what we at Rapido do intend and aim to do is make a common man’s life easier. Provide him with more options in life so he can have more control than he previously had. And how do we do that?

We provide you with an option to commute on a two-wheeler. Rapido is basically a platform where you can book a bike ride through a mobile app while travelling solo.
The difference in the economics of a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler allows you to save up to 60% of your ride cost when you’re travelling solo.
With the traffic situation exceptionally pathetic especially during peak hours, zipping past in a two-wheeler saves a lot of time.
What’s more is that it also provides an opportunity for people with a two-wheeler (along with the license) to become a rider on the platform and earn some extra money in their spare time.

But why bikes when you have other modes available? Saving time and money could be reasons enough but here are some more:

Bikes are classically cooler. Period.

Bikes are environment-friendly. According to a paper published in IISC Bangalore, typically 4-wheelers emit 9X more Carbon Dioxide than two-wheelers.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Rapido app now to experience the cheapest and fastest mode of intracity travel!