5 awesome roads in Bangalore that are a biker's dream

Terms like road-warrior are passé. Frankly with the condition Bangalore’s roads are in, it’s hard being able to be passionate about riding. And in a Spidermanesque “with great power blah blah”, with a newly laid road (with a shelf life of a few weeks until the rains strike) comes with great traffic.

So what can the Bangalorean road warrior (uh oh… do we sense you bikers cringe a bit?) do to exhibit the torque they possess? Don’t clutch (we know… cheesy) your head in despair. No need to brake… err… break (we have to stop these cheesy puns) into a sweat. Here are 5 awesome roads in Bangalore that are a biker's dream:

1. NICE corridor: While it is the abbreviation of Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise, for Bangaloreans, the NICE corridor reflects the true meaning of the adjective. Fully functional and connecting all the highways in the city, NICE is smooth, doesn’t have signals, doesn’t have any bumps or speed breakers. The roads are wide, fenced, and has a 10 metre divider, to prevent those annoying incoming high-beam vehicles.

Bikerspeak: Writer, photographer, and biker Arun Bhat describes riding down NICE as, “It’s smooth, obstacle-free, and you can reach three figure speeds quite safely. If you’re travelling to or from the city via NICE, you can easily save an hour and a half, to two hours.”

2. Mysore Road: This road has changed road travel to Mysore – so much that it actually competes with trains! That’s right, reaching Mysore via road takes just three hours (two and a half if you’re an experienced rider) in comparison to the two hours that the train takes. Here too, the roads are great and you will have a seamless ride, leading up to Mysore.

Bikerspeak: SAP consultant and biker Harish describes his ride down Mysore road as, “The road is very good. However, the side stretches have now been commercialized – so much that in a fleeting glimpse you might think it to be an extension of Brigade road!”

3. Bangalore-Kolar Highway: Several bikers stop on this road to catch advent of the early morning sun. The sight is breathtaking, and the so is the route. When the sun shines brighter, the view of nearby hills is captivating.

Bikerspeak: Technology Research Professional and self confessed Harley Davidson fanatic Maheshwara Reddy says, “The Bangalore-Kolar Highway route is excellent. The road is well maintained, made for bikers like myself.”

4. Devanahalli Airport road and Nandi Hills: While you need to take a left after the Airport for Nandi hills, a lot of bikers blend a ride towards the airport and then head out to Nandi Hills. The hills are a part of Banga-lore (see what we did there?) and the ghats are both – a scenic beauty and a challenge for bikers.

Bikerspeak: ASQ-Six Sigma Black Belt & Quality Professional Tarun Nair says, “Bangalorean? Biker? Nature-lover? If your answer to both those questions were in the affirmative, you’ve been to Nandi Hills at least five times… this year.”

5. Kanakapura road: With Bangalore getting crowded by the day, and real estate prices shooting up (proverbially by the hour), people are showing a rising interest in picking up places located away from the heart of the city. As a result, Kanakapura road is witnessing an influx of traffic. That said, it doesn’t take away too much from the ride. It’s a great ride with awesome roads that take you to Mekedatu.

Bikerspeak: Former Bangalorean and present day Los Angeles based business consultant Sandeep R says, “Kanakapura road is splendid and offers a fine view for those interested in bird watching. Yes, I am talking about actual birds!”

So there. Those were five awesome roads in Bangalore that are a biker’s dream. We hope the list has been enough to inspire you to want to get into gear and head out soon. Of course, we cannot emphasise enough that you need to don proper gear, check when your bike’s servicing is due next, and be cautious. If you’re short of a pillion, or would like to ride with a pillion behind, download Rapido, an app to book a bike ride, or offer your biking skills to someone interested. You can save almost 60% of costs, and let’s face it – good company seldom hurts.

Give it a shot – you might discover a new way to get around (and out of) town. Until then, respect the road, and also other who are on it.