A celebration of India’s technological evolution - May 11

Technology has indeed been a defining aspect of India’s economic evolution as the country now commands one of the highest populations of techies. What’s more is that apart from being one of the most preferred destinations for technology development and outsourcing, Indian techies are also one of the most preferred choices when it comes to global recruitment.

The Indian government has decided to observe May 11 each year, as National Technology Day. The day marks a celebration of India testing 5 nuclear bombs at Pokharan on May 11, back in the year 1998. India also test fired its missile Trishul, and the country’s first indigenous aircraft was test-flown on the same day. As a gesture of acknowledgement of India’s technological evolution and advancement, since 2015, the government declared that the day will henceforth be observed as National Technology Day.

Last year, while making the announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the efforts and acumen possessed by Indian scientists, and declared that the day indicated the “victory of technology.”

Technology and its evolution has made an impact in our daily lives. Remember back in the day when a cordless phone was the only way of mobile communication? And remember the days of the simple feature phones wherein you could only make and receive calls and messages? Today, the country lies in the throes of global dominance thanks to technology. Smartphones are as common as television sets. People, irrespective of social and economic status are using Smartphones and Apps to simplify their lives. Today, everything from food, to shopping, to groceries, to taxi cabs, and bike taxis are available within a few clicks.

Advancements in mode of commuting and travel is one of the most crucial aspects of technological evolution in India. People are able to book vehicles, choose types of vehicles, select time, and even choose according to their budget, to get from one place to another. While technology hasn’t been able to find a definitive solution to overwhelming traffic woes, there are companies in the domain that are blending technology with innovation, to create some out-of-the-box and unique solutions for commuters in the city. Rapido is proud to be one such company.

Rapido’s concept is indeed unique and creative. It isn’t just any other taxi service. Rapido is all about bike taxis. It is much easier and simpler for a bike to maneuver through each major city’s bludgeoning traffic. Bikes are faster, and let’s face it, more fun. Of course, safety is uppermost in our minds and hence we conduct apt checks to ensure that our riders are reliable and trustworthy. We also ensure pillion safety by giving the right training and instructions on riding methodology and attitude. We put on our thinking hats to come up with this solution to help city commuters’ beat the traffic with the help of technology.

National Technology Day will also commemorate individuals and industries for their efforts and commitment towards the country’s technological growth. A National Technology Award will be conferred upon people and industries for successfully commercializing indigenous technology.