Rapido partners with Healthy Billions to enhance Customer Safety

While we embark on the journey to create India's largest Bike Taxi platform, customer safety remains our paramount concern. We like to keep coming up with new features that enhance customer safety and our latest endeavor is our partnership with Healthy Billions - one of the premier healthcare start ups in India.

Two-wheelers are traditionally considered less safe compared to 4-wheelers. While we have a robust rider-training programme where we teach our riders every aspect of customer safety, there is only so much one can do to avoid accidents on a 2-wheeler. So what we're trying to ensure instead is that even if an accident happens, the medical attention reaches the customer as quickly as it's possible. Healthy Billions have partnered with most hospitals and emergency care centers in Bangalore and also have few ambulances on 24*7 standby. This helps them ensure a super quick reaction time from anywhere in Bangalore. You can read more about their helpline on their website: www.healthybillions.com

We believe this should alleviate your safety concerns even more that not only are you safe while you're on the ride but even if something unavoidable happens, there'll be no delay in your treatment. All you need to do in a case of medical emergency is click "Medical Emergency" in the app. As always, we'll be all ears should you have any feedback regarding our latest safety initiative.