5 Most Haunted Places in Bengaluru

Bengaluru -The capital of Karnataka is known as the Garden City of India, apart from being the Startup capital of India. But what many of us don’t know is that Bengaluru also has many haunted places with mysterious stories and paranormal activities. So if you are willing to explore the 'Other' side of our city then hold your breath because this article is going to scare you.

1. Vas Villa, St.Mark's Road:

The Vas Villa is one of the most scariest and haunted places in Bengaluru. People say, it is haunted from past 10 years. Some even claim to have experienced the haunting themselves. The history of the house is too tragic and violent. The house is actually abandoned since 2001. It was owned by Doice Vas and her sister Vera Vas, daughters of the famous advocate Mr.Vas. On a tragic day in 2001, Doice vas was stabbed and killed in the same house and the worst part is that she was buried in the same house. Due to some pressure, Vera was forced to vacate that house. Since then the house was abandoned and was haunted by Doice, as claimed by people.

2. Kempegowda International Airport:

The Kempegowda International Airport has been the centre of attraction since 2008 due to many spooky incidents. Many people have reportedly seen a ghost around the Cargo section, a pilot once saw a lady in a white sari with her hair loose, thinking that she might have got lost around the place he asked the staff to help. When the airport staff reached to help her she disappeared. Some people have also claimed to see her on the runway and that too headless. It has also been reported that through the infrared the presence has been confirmed. Whether true or not, these stories have added a spooky dimension to this rather unusual place to be haunted by a ghost otherwise.

3. Kalpalli Cemetary:

The Kalpalli cemetery near Old Madras road is the cremation ground for a large part of East Bangalore, witnessing an average of ten cremations every day. The passersby have sighted disturbing glimpse and sounds at the cemetery. Some people have seen a scary unclear figure of a man which is purported to be a ghost wandering in this cemetery making them anxious and uneasy.

4. Victoria Hospital:

The Victoria hospital near Fort Road is also one of the haunted places in Bengaluru. People have witnessed strange happenings, primarily ghost sightings in the hospital premises. It is said that a white ghostly figure is frequently seen on one of the trees. This tortured spirit, however had more important things to do than terrorizing accident victims – namely eating and drinking.

5. Hoskote Route:

People at this particular route have encountered a lot many supernatural and unusual happenings. Once an auto driver was passing by, an old lady waved her hand and asked him to stop. She begged for a lift and told the driver that she is disabled and has no money. She requested him to drop her off at some place. He then allowed the old lady to sit in the auto and said that he will drop her and charge no money. The woman then asked him to step out of the auto and help her sit inside as she is disabled and can't sit on her own. On this the auto driver refused to step out of the vehicle. The old lady started laughing hysterically and said that if the driver would have stepped out he would have been murdered by her. It was reported that the lady couldn't get inside the auto because of the presence of holy pictures and idols inside it.

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Have a Happy Spooky Travelling :P