A Professor Turned Part Time Rapido Captain - Know What Drives Him to Ride at 62!

A professor, a social worker, and a Rapido Captain - meet Mr. Ram Mohan. At 62, he joined as a Rapido Captain two months back. With a jovial smile on his face, he tells how he enjoys riding for Rapido and how he gets to keep himself engaged while making good money as well.

Mr. Mohan keeps himself occupied with multiple things. He works as a professor at Bangalore University, does social work with an NGO and rides as a Rapido Captain. I ask him what really keeps him going at this age, and he says, “Sitting idle and feeling lonely creates a mental block and as long as I can engage myself with something, being of some value to the society, then why not? Money can just be one of the criteria, but not the main criteria.”

Before Rapido, he has had a plethora of stints in various fields; from media and entertainment to market research and sales. With his training in flying and a license in gliding, he was also selected for Indian Air Force. Though, him being a single son, his father was not too sure of him joining the forces. He then tried his hand at business too, but after losing his wife, things sort of fell apart for him.

On asking about his family, he tells me he has no children. With no responsibilities to take care of and no support in the old-age, he was determined to get himself back in the drill. He got back to studies to finish his post-graduation at the age of 50 and then, on a friend’s recommendation, dived into the education field.

The best thing he loves about riding with Rapido is the flexible timings and the fact that he can involve himself as much as he wants and whenever he wants, according to his own schedule. Talking about his daily schedule, he tells me how he still takes out time for himself and makes sure he spends time with his friends and relatives.

He loves to engage in conversations with his customers, and people also love riding with him. I am not just saying it, but that's what his ratings and reviews show.

He surely is making everything he wants to happen for himself, and we are glad that Rapido is a part of this happy story, continuing to fulfil the lives of such people.