This Woman is Beating All Odds - Rapido's First Female Captain!

This is for those strong and fierce women who revolt, rebel and be what they want to be and where they wish to be. Women are often associated with mere desk jobs but now, times sure are changing. We have women in every field, doing things the patriarchal mindset might never have imagined.

This Women’s Day, we decided to bring one such story of a 28-year young woman, who works full time in a call center in Bangalore and rides with Rapido as well. Meet Rapido’s first female Captain, Ms. K. Sneha.

Sneha first came to Bangalore about five years ago after finishing her studies at her native, a town near Tirupathy. Currently, she works full-time at a Call Center in Koramangala.

About a year and a half back, she came across Rapido through a friend. The free-spirited person that she is, she didn’t find comfort in staying in and spending time watching movies or chatting with friends. She says even if she is able to complete one ride a day, she feels happy about it.

She likes driving, staying out, meeting people and Rapido just lets her do that whilst also making a good income. While talking to her it was evident how she understood the importance of being independent and strong, and how she finds happiness in that.

She talks about the comfort and convenience of working with Rapido. She logs in any time she wants and does as many rides with no work pressure or no boss to give orders. She even chose to do it full-time for four months when she wanted a break from her regular desk job. And I wasn’t surprised when she said she feels at home at Rapido with all the assistance she gets from her Team Leader and the management here.

Not every day we find a female rider dropping us to work, right? Even Sneha has had mixed reactions from customers. Some are pleasantly surprised and absolutely love her, excited to click a picture and post on social media. And there are still some who are not sure of female riders. Guess we need more women like Sneha who fight stereotypes, more parents like hers who support their only daughter to make a life of her own and more people around who appreciate and encourage this.

So, which one are you going to be? The ones who still follow the gender bias or the ones who want to show their support for a place with no bias. We are glad Rapido is in the latter.

And it’s not just Sneha, we have more woman Captains joining us and we will bring their stories to you soon. More power to you women!