A Rapido Bike Ride with an Umbrella? Meet this Innovative 57 Yr Old Captain

“Mein faide mein rahna chata hoon aur doosro ko bhi faide mein rakhna chata hoon”(I believe in win-win situation where I want to be profitable & make others profitable as well), said the 57 year old Rapido Captain, Syed Younus. After running his own automobile spare parts business for a while, he joined Rapido as a Captain & has been with Rapido for 6 months now.

He is a father to 4 lovely daughters & loves spending time with his grandchildren. When asked how he heard about Rapido, he said he got to know about it through his friend & he grabbed the opportunity to get on board as a Captain (Rider). He loves Rapido as it gives him the flexibility to login whenever he wants & do the rides. He also adds that he completes all the rides, whether it is a 20 Rs. ride or 200 Rs with a smile. He has also been an Auto Rickshaw driver & a Cab Driver in the past, but he likes his current journey with Rapido due of the Flexibility of the business model & also the ability to withdraw the money whenever he needs & is happy with the Earnings.

What makes him different is that he uses positive thinking to help himself & people around him. So, as & when the rainy seasons approached he would be well prepared with Rain Coats & Trousers but the customers sitting behind would get affected by the rains. So, he thought what could be done here.

That’s when he asked his youngest daughter, who is currently studying M.Sc in France with scholarships from Govt. of Karnataka & Govt. of France to see what can be done to solve this problem. And his daughter searched online & found that people in China are already using something like a Bike Shelter which acts like a protection against rain & hot summers. Without a second thought, they ordered it online & as soon as he received the delivery, he plugged it on his bike & rest is history.

His thoughtfulness & being street smart has earned him accolades from the customers, endless selfies & head turns as he passes by the streets of Bangalore.

Here’s wishing him Good Luck with everything in life. :)