Here’s What Happens When mass Rapid Transit Is Work In Progress

If we ask you to describe a scenario of an Indian road, where a Metro construction is going on, what comes to your minds immediately? Dust, sound, and of course, chaos and honking due to traffic congestion. The scene is pretty similar in almost every Indian city where construction of mass rapid transit is going on. For those who might not be aware, the term mass rapid transit is used for modes of transport like heavy rails, metro rails or subways. It has been more than 5 years since Bangalore has been adding new lines to what they proudly call “Namma Metro” (Our Metro), and the frustrated commuters have thus added the slogan, “Bega Katro” (Build fast) to the existing name.

But why are we saying all this? That’s because, we have solution for you when you are probably wishing to develop wings to fly rapidly past the traffic after sitting for hours in a public bus or a cab due to work in progress. Well, we cant guarantee you wings, but can definitely make you move, through our bike Taxi service. At Rapido, just as the name suggests, we have a rapid way to take you to your destination, on our bike taxis.

Though all of us have almost grown up on public transport, let’s admit the fact that the regular bus and metro are simply not enough to compensate for the booming population in our cities and you definitely don’t like the idea of reaching work in a sweaty state, do you?

Instant cabs are the next option, but let’s get honest – although the Air-conditioning of your cab takes care of your sweat, the cab can’t dodge roadblocks and the general traffic congestion and you’ll be left sitting inside the cab for more than hours together. Here’s where our bike taxis come to your rescue, where we get you out of the mess, using measures like slipping in through traffic or taking short-cuts through narrow lanes.

While seated on a bus or a cab at the traffic signal, have you ever secretly cherished the wish to move up to the front row along with bikes and scooters, so that you are the first to move out the moment the signal turns green? Rapido bike-taxis are here to fulfil this wish of yours!

Bangalore alone has, approximately eight million working professionals and most of the families have their own car – leading to greater traffic congestion problems. And in situations, where you can only use half of the road, because the other half is blocked due to construction, traffic gets crazier. Thanks to their speed, our Captains (Bike Riders) can simply weave in and out of this crazy traffic and safely drop you at your destination on time.

People who avail our bike taxi service, often feel it unnecessary to even drive their 4-wheelers to and from their destinations, because well, you wont have to leave home earlier than needed to reach on time, wont have to get frustrated with long waiting time due to heavy traffic and above all, your family will love you more than ever, for reaching home way faster than your usual 3-hour journey from office!

So, when road blocks and work in progress are your head-aches, you can always depend on Rapido Bike-Taxis. Just get in touch and we’ll be there to make your trip to a pleasant one – every day!