We call them Captain for a reason

Don’t you wish you can summon a chauffeur at will and get around town? But wait! The traffic is unforgiving and prices are ridiculous.
What if we told you there’s another way.
The commute from point A to point B might seem simple on paper but it really isn’t. Your most days like most people start with an unwelcomed discomfort of leaving your home at the designated time so that you make it to your workplace just in the nick of time. If you are amongst the very few who make it a point to be there before the rest, then you have our utmost respect. But, don’t disperse so soon! What we have to say will be very relevant to you as well.

If you were to ask most office goers, then they would unanimously agree that the daily commute is probably one of the more anxiety provoking parts of their day. And, it doesn’t need to be that way. So, stop framing the ‘how?’ in your mind, because we do have a solution. The solution quite frankly is Rapido. If this sounds like some pompous self-promotion, then let us explain things in a bit more detail and establish some much-needed context.

Rapido is everything that you’d want your commute to be like but minus the inconvenience, and the hassle. Rapido is a bike taxi app that enables you to book a bike-taxi anytime, anywhere. And, trust us, you need to use the app to experience what it is like. Words really don’t do justice to the whole experience. Now, that the necessary context is established, let’s get to the meat of the matter, which is Captains.

Captains are not just a fellow rider but our professional seasoned riders who pick you up on their bikes when you book a ride. Now, we choose to call our riders Captains, and for a very good reason. You see, unlike any rider, our Captains are responsible for ensuring that you get to your desired destination not just in the nick of time, but before time in the safest and most convenient manner possible. We take great pride in our Captains. After all, they leave no stone unturned to ensure that your ride with them is free of any unnecessary surprises and is in line with the safety and hygiene standards of the day.

The moment our Captains arrive to pick you up you will find them not only carrying an extra hamlet for the pillion which is for your safety but will also find the bike well maintained and ready to take you to your destination. If hygiene is a concern, then worry not. Our Captains are equipped with shower caps. These can be worn beneath the helmet. Also, in case of rains, we do provide you with raincoats. We’d say our captains do cover all bases and that too pretty well.

Did we miss something? Well, if we did you can always get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to clear all of your doubts. There was never a more fun, simple and super-reasonable way of being where you want to be. Get moving, now!