The Math Of All Taxi Rides In India

How many times have you rolled your eyes looking at your cab price when traveling to work? Quite often right?

When it comes to city life and instant transport service, affordable and good services are what we hope for. However, the rates charged by private taxi services are at times too exorbitant and you dont always have the amount of time and energy needed to travel via public transport like a bus or metro.
So, is there a solution? Well, dont you always wish for some travel option that would make your travel less tiring, cost-effective and at the same time would save your time? It seems we have your wish granted. At Rapido Bike-Taxi services, customers like you are our top priority over making profits. Thanks to our dedicated Captains, you won’t ever have to spend on unfair cab rents and pay just what’s on the meter. Thus, you will be reassured that you will receive the best service possible but at a reasonable rate.

We know how it feels when you find a private cab service charge you double or triple the fare on special days or at peak times during the day. Take for example you wish to travel to a destination about 5 kms from your place and where the cab should charge you about Rs. 100, a surge pricing added to it asks you to pay almost Rs. 250 instead. Don't you think this price is not justified, when our bike taxi can reach you to the destination charging a fraction of that.

Trust us, we don’t have such variable fare systems. With absolutely transparent and pocket-friendly fares, with a minimum fare of Rs. 10 and charges as low as Rs. 3 or 5 per km*, you do not need to give it a second thought to ride with us. What more could we ask for when we have an option of faster, hassle-free travel that too at reasonable rates? Our past customers who have availed our services have now stopped waiting for instant cabs. With our bike-taxi service at hand, you won’t have to worry regarding the extra expenditure for a cab ride and can save your salary for the better things in life!

So no more being fed-up of high surge prices and fretting on daily transport costs, because our affordable Rapido bike-taxi services are here at your service. Just get in touch with us through our app and ride happily.