#RapidoIn2018 - You Made This Possible!

As the year comes to a close, there are many things to be thankful for here at Rapido, but the biggest thank you goes out to YOU! We are immensely grateful for all our users whose love and support has helped Rapido reach where it is today. When we started as a small company with a novel idea, there was no way of knowing how it would pan out. However, the tremendously positive response that we received from all our Captains and Users has been overwhelming, and wonderfully so!

Since starting out in Bengaluru, we have gradually expanded to 25+ cities in India & growing. That’s close to the total number of Presidents and Prime Ministers the country has had since Independence! Our primary aim was to introduce our services in cities that are prone to heavy traffic jams at peak hours due to small roads or underdeveloped infrastructure, where bikes could navigate faster than cars, buses or trams through congestion. We encourage locals who know the city streets like the back of their hands to become ‘Captains’, using their own bikes to transport people from one place to another. Basically a taxi on two wheels; this also aimed to generate more employment among local people. Full-time Captains earn upto INR 30k a month. Our first thank you goes out to our Captains, all 91,000 of them! Yes, there are a total of 91k people Pan India who proudly call themselves Rapido Captains. That’s equal to the number of restaurants currently operating all over India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It is heartening and encouraging to know that Rapido has generated close to 1 lakh jobs in such a short time.

Our next thank you goes out to our lovely patrons and subscribers. In 2018 alone, Rapido subscribers grew to a whopping 20 lakh, which is almost the distance of 5X around the planet Jupiter! It is truly humbling to know that so many of you have put your trust in our service and appreciate what we have to offer. Combining these stats, it comes as no surprise that the total number of rides completed by Rapido bikes is also just as phenomenal. It’s actually equal to the total population of Denmark - 65 lakhs! All these rides together travelled a distance of 3.25 Crore kilometers; that’s 100 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon! You’d have to make the Earth-Moon-Earth trip 50 times to cover that distance!

All the credit for our monumental success goes to those who supported us along this journey by becoming a Captain or a patron. Rapido’s aim is simple - to facilitate commuting for people who are short on time and urgently need to get somewhere. The response has been truly marvelous and promising, and we truly hope that this association continues in 2019 as well. The Rapido team wishes all our amazing Captains, Customers and well-wishers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year and hopes to receive the same love in the coming year.