#LetHerFly - Women Entrepreneur In Rapido

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Girls have equal potential to stand up and achieve their dreams if given equal respect, rights & freedom.

Shravya Reddy from Rapido is an inspiration to all of the girls out there who want to be independent and have a burning desire to achieve their dreams. Shravya did her B-tech in IT from Hyderabad & right from the beginning she wanted to do something out of the box, which pushed her to start an NGO named Street cause with her friends during her college times in 2009. The NGO presently serves thousands of people for various causes and is supported by various volunteers.

After finishing her education, she didn’t want to satisfy herself with a normal IT job, after an intense research she realized the problems of the people who travel daily in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, which led her to start Getmi a Bike Taxi company in 2015 at Hyderabad. Bike Taxi as an idea was totally a new concept back then, but little did anyone knew it would be the solution to all the modern daily commute problems of traffic, fare & time. However company shifted their focus on B2B Sector and tied up with various top clients like Apollo, Call Health etc. Finally Rapido Bike Taxi had acquired Getmi with Shravya leading the entire B2B sector. Presently Rapido Bike Taxi serves more than 2 Million People, and tied up with various companies for B2B operations.

Entrepreneur, leader or social worker, Shravya fulfils all the responsibilities associated with the each of the above role completely.She is a perfect example to the girls out there who want to achieve their dreams against all the odds of the society. This wouldn’t have been possible without her mother who supported her and gave her the freedom to fly.

We need to support our children and their dream irrespective of their gender. This #NationalGirlChildDay, let’s encourage our girls to see dreams, educate them & give her way to be independent & Successful. #LetHerFly