Introducing Rapido's biggest offer - 'Rapid Savings Week'!

Have you ever experienced a month-end budget crunch?
Ever found yourself in a situation of a shoestring budget even after enough planning and control on all your expenses?

With every brand launching their campaigns around savings from food to shopping, transport expenses which cover almost 30% of our monthly budget have always been overlooked. Daily commute expenses are one of the major and cannot be ignored. We understand the budget struggle you have to go through in that last week of the month and have thought of something interesting to offer you.

Why waste time and money in shared cabs, or haggling with autos, or commuting via public transport when you have Rapido to your rescue? Not all your expenses but we can definitely help you in saving your transport expenses to a great extent. We at Rapido have always strived towards providing affordable and fast solutions to your travel needs.

Hey there! We are super stoked because Rapido is launching its first ever ‘Rapid Savings Week’ Campaign in Hyderabad bringing an end to all your last week budget squeeze struggles. So gear up Hyderabadians as the very exciting campaign will be launched in the last week of February, i.e. on 25th February 2019 and will continue to 1 March 2019.

The Offer is you get to travel in Hyderabad at Rs. 10 flat for upto 5 Kms and at Rs. 20 for 5 - 8 Kms.