Join Rapido To Say No To Discrimination

Discrimination being the obstacle that drags back the person from achieving what he actually deserves has affected & affecting many lives. There are many people out there who are discriminated based on various factors, some being discriminated for status, some for religion, caste, & diseases they are fighting with.

We at Rapido Bike Taxi treat our every customer, captain & employee as a part of our Rapido family, giving them equal importance and opportunities to grow & earn in their life. We believe that every person should be treated in the same way & have equal rights to stand up to their potential. There are people who joined Rapido as captain and now working as Manager leading a team in the company. Rapido totally believes in providing equal rights to all its employees irrespective of their status, religion & caste. Being the largest bike taxi app, we ease the daily commute & serve all our customers without any stigma & discrimination.

This Zero discrimination day, let’s contribute to the better living of the world by just taking one single step.Step up and act to change laws that discriminate & raise the voice against the discrimination barrier. #SayNoToDiscrimination #ZeroDiscriminationDay