Budget Week- Mehngaai Ka Ab No Stress

Spending and maintaining your budget in the last 10 days of the month is like devouring a tub of ice -cream, you wish it should never get over, but the moment you scoop off the last chunk, you are like

Month-end around the corner & running around like a headless chicken to manage expenses vs Bank Balance? Ever wished that your wallet and bank balance do not alter and stay the same throughout the month as it was on the pay day? Ever wished that when you check your wallet the last day of the month and you find it completely filled? Well these can only be your imaginations.

But don’t run away from the reality because we have got you covered. Struggling with month end budget crunch? Now no more worries because we are back again to surprise you with our ‘Budget week’. Daily commute expenses cover more than 30% of the total budget and thus they can’t be ignored. We understand your struggles and have got an exciting news for all of you out there! So stay there, have some patience and leave all your travel stress on us.

We care for your Happiness and it hurts to see you wresting with those last notes. So gear up, find those scattered coins and take a chill pill every time you ride with Rapido. Unveiling India’s Biggest Travel sale ‘Budget week – Mehngaai Ka Ab No Stress’ on March 25, 2019 in Hyderabad and Bhubaneshwar, so stay tuned.

So wrap up all your commuting tensions this week, we are coming your way, yay!!!!!