Know Your Rapido

Did you know that if you were to travel anywhere in India, it would take you more time than the time taken to commute in any other Asian cities?

The Urban Commute Challenge

High ownership of private vehicles, low quality of road infrastructure and lack of connectivity within short distances, adds the most to the commuting woes. In cities where Metro is an efficient mass rapid transport, longer distances are easily covered. However, getting to and from Metro stations using transport to cater smaller distances, is still a glaring gap. Unless a holistic planning is done for developing transport to take care of travel right from the door step till reaching your destination, commuting will remain a menace. Needless to say, there are other implications as well. Time, effort, health – indirect and direct costs add up making urban transport a bit too much for comfort.

Joyrides Are For Real

Rapido – India’s Bike Taxi is a service that can change the way you look at daily commuting. Our service cuts down the need of changing transport to cover a short stretch. You can travel right from your doorstep till your office gate in a single ride. With the click of an app, you can call our Captain (fleet owners are fondly called as Captains) and take the ride to your chosen destination – simple and quick. They will pick you up right from your doorstep and drop you off exactly at the point of your destination.

Escape the Traffic Trap

Everywhere the traffic situation is getting worse by the day. As per a report on congestion on Indian roads, the average speed of a vehicle on Indian roads is just 17-19 kmph between 9 am to 9 pm, with the slowest times witnessed during the evening peak hours. Bikes wade through traffic much faster and drastically cut down the traffic time. Among other things, Rapido prides on the fact that we make travelling significantly faster. Armed with Google maps, our Captains take the shortest possible routes. And remember those patchy roads which cars can’t take but bikes can easily maneuver on them? Well! we mean it when we say Rapid-o.

The local sharing advantage

Sharing Economy, whether business to customer (B2C) or peer to peer, is on a rise which helps the cause of sustainability. Rapido’s captains are mostly existing bike owners who know the city well and aim to gain employment & income by riding it commercially.
When you take a bike taxi, you are not only contributing to the sharing Economy but also benefiting from it.

Last but not the least, here is an interesting math you can do for yourself. Calculate your weekly travelling and working hours. If you work for approximately 9 hours per day and take 2 hours per day to travel between home and office both ways for 5 days, then the ratio between time for work and travel per week works out to 45:10. In other words, for every 4.5 hours of constructive work hour, you have to spend an hour travelling. Now imagine cutting down the travel time with a super convenient door-to-door pick up and drop literally, using Rapido. You would become more productive at work and have more free time for yourself. Flourish in work life or go for personal pursuits, there are many reasons to overcome the commute challenge with Rapido. So, Be more with Rapido.