Rapido hits a 5M mark on Playstore

Rapido - India’s largest bike taxi app has surpassed a monumental milestone. The app has now been downloaded over by 5 million users on Playstore! We’re so thrilled to hit this 5M mark, and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the users of the Rapido app, who made this amazing feat possible. This would not have been possible without your support, love and patience .

The main aim of Rapido is to provide economical, cost-effective, fuel-efficient and time-saving transport. It wants to tackle the issues that commuters face due to heavy traffic conditions, especially during the morning rush hours. Ahead of other cab booking apps, Rapido Bike App is by far the most efficient iteration of taxi booking app for Indian roads offering the commuters an alternative option of a bike instead of a car or public transport to navigate through traffic snarls quickly and reach destination on time.

With over 5 Million happy customers and 30 Million plus rides on this bike-taxi booking app, Rapido is striving hard to reach more number of people every day and bring happiness in their lives by providing fast and affordable source of transport.