Rapido launches 11 Food/Refreshment Centers in Bangalore

The summer wave is sweeping over India and has been taking a toll on the health of everyone around us. Rapido is highly concerned for the health of its captains who brave the sun throughout the day so that the customers reach their destinations quickly and safely. To replenish the energy of its captains, Rapido has taken an initiative to launch 11 refreshment and food centers throughout Bangalore.

These centers shall provide healthy and nutritious food & juices at highly subsidized rates so that the captains don't have to burn a hole in their pockets, every time they feel famished after a hectic shift on the bike. The whole procedure is as simple as A-B-C. All they have to do is walk in to any of the centers, show their meal voucher in the Rapido Captain Application/SMS and get their food/refreshments! Utmost care is taken to ensure that the quality of the food/refreshments in these centers is good.

Below is the list of food and refreshment centers in Bangalore.

Naveen, a captain at Rapido, talks about how delighted he is because of the launch of these centers in Bangalore. He shared his thoughts on the Rapido Refreshment Centers:

"I have been working as a Rapido captain for the last 2 years and have also been earning a decent income. Due to a large number of travel requests and non availability of hygienic and affordable food, I had been frequently skipping meals. These food & refreshment centers launched by Rapido have helped us in many ways. The quality of food provided here is really good and the cost is also affordable. Also, some refreshments are provided free of cost. Whenever I get time and am not serving a customer, I go to the nearest center to have my meals."

It gives the Rapido team immense satisfaction that this initiative is very well accepted and liked by our captains. Each captain is important to us and we owe our success to them. They are not just small dots on the map but our business partners without whom there can be no Rapido. This is just a small step in the direction of building a great partnership that will change the way India travels in the future!