Rapido takes the spotlight at popular co-working spaces in Gurugram

Co-working spaces have created a niche ecosystem in the start-up industry.
Last week, Rapido marked its presence in innovative co-working spaces like GoWork, Springboard, GoHive, Ikeva and The Office Pass by organising a customer registration drive at these sprawling campuses.

It was noted that traffic is a typical issue among office goers.
These corporate collaborations were a platform for people to share their daily commute stories. The reason behind this exercise was to tap into transportation-related issues faced by commuters who spend maximum time on the road.

People generally look at discovering ways and means to avoid peak hour congestion. But then, the chance of finding a four-wheeler cab service on time is a rare phenomenon. Not only that, the skyrocketing fares only seem to aggravate the problem. Even if you give three-wheelers a try, you basically end up spending more time haggling about ride fares with the driver.

Riding on a Rapido can reduce traffic congestion related worries. With a quick-fix solution, Rapido provides economical rides that don't burn a hole in your pocket.
The news about Rapido spread through word-of-mouth and fell from one ear to the other. This dynamic interaction saw 900+ on-the-spot registrations.

We understand that people have a lot on their plate to stress on about, travelling to and fro, locally should certainly not be one of them.
The Rapido App allows everyone to book rides instantaneously, travel faster and in a more cost-effective manner. The app even provides real-time feedback to Captains in order to better services in the future.

Download our App now to book a ride with us.

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